Read what our parents and students (past & present) have to say:

"We enrolled our daughter in Winthrop Country Day in September 2011. Thinking back almost two years ago, we were so apprehensive to leave Giada with “strangers” for the first time. From the first orientation we were convinced that Winthrop Country Day was the right place for our family. Richelle and her team have contributed so much to our daughter’s formative years and we will be forever grateful to her and her team for providing such a nurturing and kind environment in which to learn. I would invite anyone who is “on the fence” when choosing a pre-school to contact me personally. We are sad that today is Giada’s last day at Winthrop Country Day, but we are looking forward to our son’s first day there this coming September."

— Michelle Gergerian

"My three kids each attended WCD for 2 years of preschool. I am very happy that they went there. There is a loving and nurturing atmosphere at WCD. Richelle, the owner, is a passionate and inspiring teacher who is very professional yet fun-loving, all the kids love her. I had a great sense of security leaving my kids there — I knew they were safe and their whole time there would be educational and informative, but also that they were with staff that are exceptional with preschoolers.

My eldest is now finishing 2nd grade and still talks about WCD fondly. She even returned to read a book to the current class as all graduates are invited to do if they wish. All three of my kids will still do yoga poses and sing songs they learned there. I feel lucky that my kids had such a wonderful pre-school experience, that gave them a good foundation for elementary school and for life, and I will be forever grateful to the staff there."

— Aine Jennings

"We couldn't ask for a better place for our child to learn and grow. Making the choice to send our daughter to WCD was easy after receiving outstanding recommendations. The staff there create an atmosphere of dedication, caring, creativity and fun. Talia has learned so much in her 2 years there and has made valuable friendships. We will miss WCD as she moves onto kindergarten. Thank you so much for making her first school experience so special."

— Lauren Capasso

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"Winthrop Country Day creates an atmosphere that fosters growth for our children in such beautiful ways. The staff, the daily activities, and projects all contribute to aiding in the development of strong social and educational skills. I cannot wait for my daughter to attend and be given the same gifts and stepping stones as my son!"

— Natalie Bono Bayersdorfer

"Winthrop Country Day... Nurturing each child's individual strengths while creating a team work atmosphere!

My son Matthew attended WCD the year before he attended kindergarten. And my daughter Meaghan attended WCD for two years! They were always happy going and sad leaving. WCD was always a positive and interesting place for my kids. The exploration and learning WCD provided was extensive!

I would highly recommend WCD to anyone looking for a preschool!"

— Timberly Blaising Clarke

"Winthrop Country Day is like family. Both of my children (past and present) attended there. Richelle and staff are excellent — very nurturing and caring."

— Jennifer Viscio

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"I am so grateful for Winthrop Country Day...

I will start with my daughter Laura. She is my first and most difficult, socially. Laura was a very serious baby, wonderful, but very serious. I knew I had to find a place for her to interact with other children. I first started with a new daycare in town. That was a disaster. I tried a local preschool and that failed as well. Laura had such anxiety, and still does to this day, about crowds and the unknown. Laura loves to be home and in her own environment. It gives her comfort and peace. Laura felt that comfort and peace at Winthrop Country Day. She trusted Miss Richelle, Miss Kathy, and Miss Terry. These teachers were able to make Laura feel secure. They were a constant in her life and helped relieve her anxieties. The warm atmosphere is where Laura made friends, learned, and truly felt at home. Laura is a sophomore in college today. She has her same anxieties but she has learned over the years how to cope and do what is right for her. We as a family recognized and listened to our daughter's needs. Winthrop Country Day was our first successful educational experience. I did not look at it that way then but I know it now. Laura still has friends from Winthrop Country Day as do I. It was Laura's home away from home! Thanks Richelle!

Now, my second daughter Robyn, was lucky enough to have had her older sister go to WCD so there was no anxiety, not that she has any. Robyn LOVED WCD. She is a happy, no worries kind of kid. She jumped in with both feet and loved every minute, the crafts, the projects, the chicks! I still have Christmas ornaments that are my favorite! She has her best friends to this day (she is a high school junior) that were made at WCD. Robyn and her friends never wanted the day to end so there was typically a play date immediately following school (or lunch bunch if they stayed). It was wonderful and positive experience.

Winthrop Country Day was a place where I could leave my girls and my mind could be at peace. I never looked back and wondered if they were okay. I knew they were just fine.

I confidently refer families to Winthrop Country Day."

— Sheryl Howard

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"Having had three children attend Winthrop Country Day Learning Center, I certainly have many fond memories of the school — taking pictures the first day of school by the beautiful front garden, “Dumb, Dumb, Dinosaur” the sock puppet, the adorable bunnies — the list is endless. However, it is the memory of the way the school felt to me the first time I visited that I will never forget. There was an immediate feeling of love, warmth, caring, and cheerfulness when my daughter, Krista, and I walked through the door of WCDLC on a typical cold and blustery March day over 25 years ago. There was a quiet hum of activity while children and teachers were all actively and happily engaged in a myriad of activities — some children were participating in snack time, some were sponge painting with green paint for St. Patrick’s Day (which Krista immediately headed for and created a masterpiece), and others were playing with various toys. Richelle took me on a tour of four spacious rooms, each filled with toys — toys that would foster creativity and promote imaginary play — toys that any child would love to play with (puzzles, blocks, a play kitchen, play tools, puppets, dress up clothes, etc.). She talked about her philosophy of education and listened patiently to my questions and answered every single one. Her sincerity and love of children were clearly evident. I felt confident that this was where I wanted Krista to be—a place where she would be safe, loved, and nurtured. Thank you Richelle and WCDLC for all the wonderful memories and for having been such a big part of my three children’s lives"

— Kathy D’Agostino

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"All three of my children attended WCD Learning Center. The staff consists of warm, nurturing, and well educated teachers. Their love for children in evident in everything they do from the warm welcoming smiles (and hugs) in the morning, to the happy good-byes at the end of the day. My children loved making projects, circle time, breathing buddies, yoga, and playing outside as well. They made their first and best friends at WCD, and I did too! Thank you Miss Richelle, Miss Cathie, and the entire WCD family for all that you do."

— Valerie Sweeney

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