Winthrop Country Day Learning Center entranceway

Winthrop Country Day Learning Center has been the site of a high quality, early childhood facility since 1947. We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and accept children ages 2.9 to 7 years. We do not discriminate in offering services to children and families on the basis of race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, political beliefs or physical limitations.

Our preschool, privately owned and operated, is staffed by licensed, qualified, experienced, educated and professional personnel. Staff participate in ongoing professional development and keep current as to theories and practices in the field of early education.

Winthrop Country Day Learning Center flower gardenOur preschool offers a variety of learning, social and developmental activities, which encourage and support the child to explore, investigate and participate in his/her environment. Our vision for the children at Winthrop Country Day is to become confident, curious and cooperative learners. Learning through play, children are offered a rich variety of meaningful learning experiences in a developmental sequence and are given opportunities to plan, play, reflect, revisit and connect. These learning experiences appeal to all the senses and are offered through individual, partnered, small and large group activities, which support children in experiencing various forms of social interactions.

Bentley — former Winthrop Country Day Learning Center mascotOur curriculum and materials are carefully selected on the basis of what is known about child development. The process, rather than the product is emphasized. Parents are informed as to our curriculum, policies and procedures through our Parent Handbook, monthly newsletters and calendar.

We have an open door policy and invite parents to participate in and support our program. In addition to sharing literature/resources on child development, we are always available to discuss parenting, behavior or developmental concerns.

Our program embraces the Second Step philosophy and lessons, which teach empathy, emotional management and social problem solving and is an integral and ongoing part of our curriculum. Simple yoga poses, breathing techniques and time for quiet reflection are integrated into our curriculum as well.

Outdoor play is also an important part of our program. Our spacious, outside play area offers many opportunities for running, climbing, riding, sliding, sand play, group games and observing and enjoying nature.

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